June 2013

Stop Convincing, Start Compelling

by Dustin on June 28, 2013


Most missionaries (and international workers) are limited by resources. You know that if you generated more income, engaged more supporters, or hosted more volunteers, you could help more people. After all, there are enough resources in the world to end hunger, cure diseases, and put an end to poverty as we know it. So why […]


I read a lot of missionary blogs. When someone comments from Peru or Vietnam or Sudan, I click, and I read. Because the world fascinates me. It is a big, beautiful place, and God is doing amazing things on all corners of it. Absolutely. But, as I have read missionary blogs, and as I have watched videos […]


My Kid Can Cuss in Two Languages

by Angie Washington on June 24, 2013

When the new normal cuts against your soul like a cheese grater on your knuckles, what do you do? Do you lift those bloody knuckles and fight back? Or do you woefully bandage them, let them heal, and wait for the next time the scraping starts again? We live in Bolivia. We are a bi-lingual […]


The F Word

by Editor on June 21, 2013

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The end of the school year brings loads of changes, some nearly universal and some unique to people with international identities. Julie Martinez, working and writing in Cambodia shares a personal story and the hopes of a family and a son in transition. Freaked out.  Frustrated.  Fear.  Failure.  These are some of the F words […]


Man of Flesh: Compare and Contrast

by Justin Schneider on June 19, 2013

The yellow sun setting over Chiang Mai made us feel super.

By now, you’ve all heard:  Jesus Christ and Superman have a lot in common.  In fact it came out in the news this weekend that the movie studio sent a lot of prepared sermons to preachers and pastors across the U.S. (additional links here and here).  It makes me wonder if the guy who showed […]


And the Winner Is . . .

by Editor on June 17, 2013


We so enjoyed watching 176 votes/comments come in for the international photo contest we ran last week. We asked you to submit your favorite pictures representing “The Face of My Nation,” and we were stunned by the captions and beauty you highlighted from the people you live among around the world.  And now, without further […]


Fourteen Things Expat Dads Want To Tell Expat Dads

by Rachel Pieh Jones on June 16, 2013


Last week my husband changed the oil on our car. Then he helped our seven-year old daughter sew a dress because I am worthless with anything remotely craft related. Then the two of them went outside and shot water bottles with a BB gun. This is one seriously rockin’ dad. Over the years I have met other […]


Truth, Courage and Vulnerability

by Adele Booysen on June 14, 2013


“This week,” I recently told the 25 students in the online class I had been teaching for BGU, “I want you to engage with someone who is different from you. Ask them questions so that you can understand more, not to interrogate them. Seek to understand their worldview. Your assignment is to journal about what […]


Missions and Money: A Never Ending Tension

by Chris Lautsbaugh on June 12, 2013

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The Bible is full of truth. Sometimes, the challenge lies in which blend of truth to apply. Many of these tensions surround missions and money. Let me present three areas missionaries deal with. 1. Raising support as a missionary or minister. 2. Being generous to the poor and needy. 3. Saving money for your future, […]



We like to watch that reality show Survivor… DVDs of different seasons are oft requested “gifts” for Christmas or birthdays. We’ve been known to spend hours downloading seasons from iTunes or elsewhere on line, hanging out at the Rec Center with its satellite TV hoping to be able to watch it… or reading word for […]


Photo Contest: The Face of My Nation

by Editor on June 9, 2013


We were so thrilled to have had so many wonderful submissions for our internationally-flavored photo contest from readers last week. The theme was Face of My Nation, and I think you’ll agree that these pictures paint beautifully the people that our community here at A Life Overseas is blessed to interact with daily. Here’s how […]


To Love Two Places

by Editor on June 7, 2013


Heidi and her husband are overseas newbies. They moved to Kenya in October, 2012, to capture the stories and images of the people and work across Africa. Her story of loss and gains is a poignantly beautiful look at the early days. Some Life Overseas readers are looking forward to those days, some are looking […]