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Ever seen a baby lizard dressed in Polly Pocket clothing?

by Richelle Wright on February 24, 2014


I have. I wish I had a picture… But I don’t. All I have is the memory. And that memory often gets me thinking about this fact. Sometimes, we missionary types take ourselves a little too seriously. We want to be effective,  impact lives, not just do what we do well but very well – […]


Tumbling in the Undertow

by Richelle Wright on January 29, 2014


I’ll never forget the first time I went body surfing. Only a tiny part of a much larger set of events, it remains vividly stamped upon my mind… Ten years old! Traveling – on a plane for the very first time that I could independently remember! On a trip with my swim team and without […]



by Richelle Wright on December 20, 2013


When you live on the backside of the desert… in a land that has not traditionally recognized your favorite holidays and special life moments the way you always have… …it’s easy to feel at a loss as to how to make those moments special. Which sometimes encourages me to not look forward to those times. […]


Today! It’s my favorite day!

by Richelle Wright on November 19, 2013


I’ve spent a lot of years, now, reading and rereading The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh, featuring Pooh, his pal Piglet and the rest of their cohorts from the Hundred Acre Woods. It’s a good thing I’ve never tired of either him or his pals. Actually, the longer I read, the more I notice the […]



I can’t remember the first time we received one of those questionnaires in the mail… Since that time, many more have arrived – although now it is not  uncommon for a link to show up in our inbox, requesting us to respond to a list of questions at an online site which then tabulates our […]



Last time I wrote here, I shared a recent and very awkward conversation I’d  had with a Native American gentleman, a man who’s previous encounters with missionaries had convinced him that there was no such thing as a good one, an encounter made all the more awkward because my children were standing right there listening. […]



It was one of those conversations that I could have never planned on happening… and it was so super awkward when it did – but God allowed it… He even had it happen with most of my biggers standing right there and listening… absorbing… But first, a tiny bit of the back story. Our son […]


Nasty Nighttime Whatifs

by Richelle Wright on August 2, 2013


We all know – and have probably told (at least once, or more, if I’m honest) – one of those classic missionary horror stories about traffic cop corruption or bugs or snakes or exotic parasites or nauseating food. People almost seem to expect that. Well, at least they do some of the time. But so […]


When hello just might also be goodbye

by Richelle Wright on July 17, 2013


As I type, I sit in the front passenger seat of a 12 passenger van crammed just about as full as is physically possible. We’re cruising along an amazingly wide, smooth highway – I70 west, just a bit east of Effingham, Illinois. It is a trek I’ve made frequently over the past 45 years, not […]



We like to watch that reality show Survivor… DVDs of different seasons are oft requested “gifts” for Christmas or birthdays. We’ve been known to spend hours downloading seasons from iTunes or elsewhere on line, hanging out at the Rec Center with its satellite TV hoping to be able to watch it… or reading word for […]


Voice of the National ~ Aminatou

by Richelle Wright on May 9, 2013

the help 2

About a month ago, we had a conversation here about one of those unsettling and sometimes divisive (at least as far as opinions about best practices) components of our expat, international lifestyle – local men and women employed to handle those domestic tasks and home maintenance labor. One thing I did pick up from that […]


What if my kids start resenting “the work?”

by Richelle Wright on April 5, 2013

  This question must cross the mind of every missionary parent, at least at some point. I know it has crossed mine… and more than just once. First, I wonder- What would it look like, their resentment, I mean? Would my child become angry and act out? Would I see sullen and negative with constant […]