Dustin Patrick

Commandment vs Commission

by Dustin on January 10, 2014


  There’s a passage in the New Testament that has become a kind of battle cry for Christians everywhere. In fact, the Christian college I attended had this verse literally written in stone on the bell tower in the center of campus. It’s commonly called The Great Commission. Therefore go and make disciples of all […]


Transitioning Well

by Dustin on December 10, 2013


I’ve never heard of anyone who really enjoys transition. I have, however, met plenty of people who will reflect on times of transition as times of significant growth. What is it about transition that is so difficult? How can we make the most of transition? Does living overseas feel like a life of constant transition for […]


Are you playing to win, or playing not to lose?

by Dustin on November 8, 2013


I’ve often heard people explain their motivation for Christian missions work as: to keep other people from going to hell. This kind of motivation has always rubbed me the wrong way, but I could never articulate why… until now. When we are so loud about what we’re against, what we are for gets lost in […]


You’re in Good Company

by Dustin on October 4, 2013

Sometimes it really feels like we

If you are a missionary overseas, what you do (if you’re doing it right) is not easy. It’s hard work and despite how others picture it, it’s not always rewarding. We’ve all heard stories of missionaries who have worked for years and have done little more than survive. This can be discouraging and for me […]


The Face of Poverty

by Dustin on September 9, 2013


We’ve all seen pictures of poor kids sifting through garbage dumps for scraps of food. These pictures are typically used to raise money for various charities or causes. As much as I hate it when charities use these pictures to promote their causes, I hate it even more that millions of children around the world […]


What do they need?

by Dustin on August 19, 2013

DSC_0739 2

It’s a simple question. It typically comes from a genuine place in our hearts. We enter a community, or we visit one, and one of the first things we see is the overwhelming need. Whether it’s the splintered relationships of a gossipy suburb in America or it’s the vast physical poverty of the Mathare Valley […]


Stop Convincing, Start Compelling

by Dustin on June 28, 2013


Most missionaries (and international workers) are limited by resources. You know that if you generated more income, engaged more supporters, or hosted more volunteers, you could help more people. After all, there are enough resources in the world to end hunger, cure diseases, and put an end to poverty as we know it. So why […]


The Joy of Giving

by Dustin on May 27, 2013


In 1 Chronicles 29, David prays a prayer over the new temple in Jerusalem. In verse 14 he says, “Who am I, and who are my people that we should be able to give like this?” He was mystified that the creator of everything would deem him and his people worthy of giving anything. He […]


Beyond Good Intentions

by Editor on March 25, 2013

Working with the materially poor is really tricky. We want to help, but it’s not always easy to determine what is helping and what is hurting. How are we supposed to fulfill our biblical mandate to care for the materially poor without creating dependencies? Puerto Peñasco is a small city just an hour south of […]