Preparing & 1st Year

Their Purpose is NOT to Give Us Money

by Chris Lautsbaugh on February 18, 2014

There is a subtle mindset which can creep into our thinking as missionaries and social activists. We can begin to think that there are those who are called to go, and those who are called to give. Jesus himself said, ”The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the [...]


How to Transition to the Foreign Field and not Croak (Part 2)

by Elizabeth Trotter on January 16, 2014

In Part 1, we looked at three issues that can cause heartache for missionaries. Today I’ll explain three more issues that affect daily life overseas. 4)      Pornography/sexual sin 5)      Team stress 6)      Not getting enough pre-field training   4) PORNOGRAPHY/ SEXUAL SIN Unaddressed sin problems are going to show up on the mission field. There [...]


How to Transition to the Foreign Field and not Croak (Part 1)

by Elizabeth Trotter on January 15, 2014

I believe if a missionary family is happy and healthy, they will be more sustainable in the long-term. I also believe that the key to happy and healthy missionaries is preparation. One of the things I’ve learned while living overseas is that there is a lot of heartache among cross-cultural workers. I’ve also noticed that often, people’s heartache had common characteristics, and could have been addressed [...]


A God Not Limited by Geography

by Editor on December 27, 2013

Some thoughts on living in the United States and in Asia, and how God will never be limited by geography. I wrote this originally nearly a year and a half ago, when we first relocated back to the US:  It’s hard to reconcile the two lives I’ve lived in the past two weeks. One overlooking rice [...]



by Chris Lautsbaugh on November 22, 2013

Missionaries are good at many things. We are adaptable, we are frugal, and we often carry a global perspective. In my experience, one area we are weak in is in planning for the future. Our strength lies in our ability to respond and change, but at times this keeps our focus on the here and [...]


To My 25-year-old Self…

by Angie Washington on October 25, 2013

Hey there, you. Yes, you with the big dreams and full schedule. Yes, you getting ready to embark on the greatest mission of your life. Can I have a minute? I know you have laundry to do, support letters to mail, and noses to wipe, but if I may? First of all, let me assure [...]


Banished from Bolivia

by Angie Washington on September 4, 2013

We messed up. Most times I want to end that sentence with a question mark. We messed up? Truth is, we all mess up, sooner or later. Thomas Edison – scores of failures before the light bulb Abraham Lincoln – lost dozens of elections Albert Einstein – expelled from school because he was a dunce [...]


Missionaries Dread This

by Chris Lautsbaugh on August 30, 2013

Missionaries deal with many things. Poverty, Disease, Visas, Political upheaval, driving on the “wrong” side of the road, and more. Perhaps the part of the job or calling which brings the most dread is support raising. Every job has things which we do not like. Whether you are in business, medicine, or missions. I have [...]


Can Nations Change?

by Chris Lautsbaugh on August 5, 2013

Many negatives characteristics describe the nations we serve in. Some of these issues may even be the reasons we are serving overseas. Issues of crime, corruption and poverty are common to most nations where we as missionaries reside. Although, the irony is, these issues are no longer limited to the developing world, but are rampant [...]


Benefits of Raising Kids on the Mission Field

by Chris Lautsbaugh on July 10, 2013

Plenty of emphasis is placed on the dangers of raising children on the mission field. The thought of crime and disease sends shivers down the spine of a parent contemplating “the life overseas.” Choosing missions for your kids causes them miss out on grandparents and culture in our home countries. It becomes so easy to [...]


Boxing Match. with God.

by Editor on July 5, 2013

I feel like we’re in an epic boxing match with God right now. And he’s the one most definitely winning. It’s as if we’re stuck living a bad version of Groundhog Day, the cycle of hope and disappointment playing out in a thousand different scenarios. It goes a bit like this: 1. We think God is [...]


I read a lot of missionary blogs. When someone comments from Peru or Vietnam or Sudan, I click, and I read. Because the world fascinates me. It is a big, beautiful place, and God is doing amazing things on all corners of it. Absolutely. But, as I have read missionary blogs, and as I have watched videos [...]