Celebrating 100 Posts!

by Laura Parker on May 31, 2013


Well, friends-from-all-latitudes, it’s been a pretty amazing first six months here at A Life Overseas. When Angie (from Bolivia), and I (Laura, moving from SE Asia to Colorado at the time) first talked about creating an online space to honestly talk about what it means to serve internationally, we weren’t sure if the idea would take. We saw the need for it in our own lives and experiences overseas, but we weren’t confident other people would be as excited about the idea as we were.

But, you, you, friends have proven us wrong.

You’ve visited our pages over 113,000 times in the last six months, and lately you’ve been viewing our articles over 20,000 times each month. But you just haven’t just read and moved on, you have engaged with this community here in real conversations by leaving nearly 2,000 comments, as well. Over 500 of you get our posts to your inboxes and over 800 of you participate in the Facebook community, too.

And all of this, with 100 posts. These articles were written by a team of writers and guests from all walks of life, in every corner of the globe– the missionary mom in Bolivia, the single woman in Thailand, the dad loving orphans in Africa. We’ve talked about issues that are unique to this community of expats, from raising Third Culture Kids to wondering if the mission field was messing with our faith itself. We’ve talked about the realities of sacrifice and culture shock, and we’ve honestly talked about hard things, like sexual abuse on the mission field. This community has discussed fake conversions and hiring national house helpers, short term missions and even protocol for engaging in religious practices of other faiths.  We’ve talked about fundraising and kid-raising, about saying goodbye and about saying goodbye again. We’ve hit topic after topic relevant to the unique community that we are as international aid workers and missionaries.

And all of this, in just six. short. months. Imagine what the next six might bring.

We can not thank you enough for investing here in this conversation, for sticking with us to this, our 100th post. This community of nomads here at A Life Overseas is turning out to be a powerful one. And we’re grateful you each are a part of it.

Laura Parker, Co-Founder/Editor, Former Aid Worker in SE Asia


In an effort to celebrate, we are launching two special events today. To begin, we are hosting our first ever photo contest! And yes, there will be prizes. The theme for this contest is: “Face of My Nation.” We’d like you to look through your photos and select one you think represents the people of the country where you are currently working and living. Please include a one sentence caption, explaining the photo or what you love about it. Submit the photo and caption, along with your name, country where you are working and how long you’ve lived there,  with “Photo Contest” in the subject line to: alifeoverseas{@}gmail.com. We’ll close entries on June 5, then we will post the winning 5 photos for the community to vote on starting June 7. Prizes will be announced soon, but please go ahead and submit your favorite pictures! Only one entry per person, please.

Also, we’re hosting a link-up party today. We know that many of you are excellent bloggers yourselves, and we’d like the chance to foster community and get to know each other a bit better. So, take a minute and choose your favorite post from the past 100 you’ve written, and link it up below. {Go ahead and link us specifically to your favorite post, not just your blog homepage, if you would.}

Here’s to praying the next 100 posts, for your personally and for the team here at A Life Overseas, is as encouraging and challenging as the last 100.

{In addition to linking up your posts below, we’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see more of in the next six months from this collective blog. Topics, features, ideas? Also, if this site has encouraged you or spoken to you in a particular way, we’d love to hear that, as well. We heart feedback.}


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About Laura Parker

Living on three continents and moving 15 times in 15 years of marriage, Laura is no stranger to transition. Recently living in SE Asia with her family, Laura now serves as the VP of a counter-trafficking organization which her husband began, The Exodus Road. Laura is the co-founder and editor here at A Life Overseas and writes at her blog, http://www.LauraParkerWrites.com.
  • Britney

    I absolutely love this site. I use an RSS feed, so I often see the posts before there are comments. Since the dialogue is my favorite part of the posts, I make sure to come back and read what others have shared later. I didn’t realize there was a Facebook page, so I’ll check that out this morning.

    I love the content on the blog so far; I’m sure I will continue to enjoy it. I wonder if it would be possible for people to share resources they recommend for a variety of topics related to a life overseas (such as re-entry to home culture, language learning, best practice methods for various types of ministry, fundraising, etc.)

  • Yes, this is a great idea Britney– maybe it would be good to do a link up, like we did on this topic, but for resources on certain issues.

    Glad you are enjoying the site and finding some encouragement. I agree– the comments are my favorite part, too!

  • Congrats, and thanks for writing.

    • Thanks, Lana– your voice and comments here have been awesome! 🙂

  • Tara Porter-Livesay

    Great idea, hope for a continually growing community of support and love.

    • Thanks, Tara– so glad you are round here. 🙂

      And can I just say that I love seeing all the pics of you and yours and those adorable babies in my facebook feed?!?! Seriously, precious. Keep up the good work there!

  • Kelley J. Leigh

    Congratulations on 100 posts! Here’s to many many more!! Hooray!

  • Michelle

    I normally read through Google Reader or Feedly so I don’t really get involved in the comments. But I thought I’d pop over to say congratulations on a successful beginning! Keep up the good work, I always look forward to reading the latest!

  • amie

    I read through an rss reader but had to stop by and comment and thank you what a wonderful read the past few months have been 🙂 I’d love to keep hearing thoughts on poverty and our role as expats in the community, connecting with family during a crisis (ie evac or medical crisis how do you help family back home grieve with you as they worry?)

  • jessrings

    The only feedback I can think of is that so far it seems like there’s not a lot of posts about being single and the challenges of meeting new friends/trying to set up your own social life in your new country. I was 32 when I moved overseas and left an amazing support system as so many of us do, behind. Setting up some resemblance of this in a such a transient community here where I live has been really hard. I’ve only been reading this blog though for about 6 months, so maybe I missed something previously posted. I do want to say that this blog has been such an encouragement to me. Many times God has used it to enable me to persevere. Thank you for your ministry to us!!

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  • John Boy

    My Hats (all of them) are off to Angie and Laura as well as all those who participate here at aLifeOverseas!

    I just found the site and have hardly been able to quit reading and receiving wisdom and encouragement from the articles and post that are shared here. This is exactly what we need as a community and as individuals. Straight talk, Honest answers. I kind of think that’s how Jesus likes to communicate with us. You all are a bright light, and shining example of the reality of His Love at work in our lives!

    Looking forward with anticipation to the next 100 post!

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