We want to build community here at a Life Overseas, and we get that sometimes an online one has immense value– whether you are living isolated in Siberia, packing suitcases in Florida or hugging orphans in the Sudan. Over the past five years, we’ve seen the blog-world explode with sites about and from missionary families and humanitarian workers, and here’s one way to find them (and to be found by others).

If you have a blog about living overseas, humanitarian work or about global Christian missions, please enter the address below. You’ll be asked to include an image from your site, a description (in the “name” section) and your web address. If you do choose to add your blog, we do ask that you place either our title and site address or (preferably) our actual button on your sidebar or somewhere on your site. (Scroll to the bottom to find buttons and images.)

If you don’t have a personal blog, feel free to blog-hop by checking out the listed blogs from, literally, around the world. Make sure you leave a few comments encouraging the authors. You never know what your note of encouragement might mean to a discouraged missionary isolated in Siberia or culture-shocking-it during their first year in China.



Remember, if you’ve added your blog to our community, please add us to yours by placing our button or link somewhere on your site– blogroll, sidebar, about page, etc. The details:

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    So thankful for a community like this!

    • Angie Washington

      And we are glad you are a part of this community, Dustin!

  • Debbie

    Have been looking for a community like this! So encouraged but what I have read thus far. Thanks for putting this together.

  • Dani Joy

    I love this idea! it´s a great blog! I love your little button too! Just getting back into blogging and trying to find others around Spain and Europe. Thank you! – Dani

    • Calvin Hanson

      We are moving to Barcelona in September! Where are you at?

  • Paloma Castro
    • Snells in the Amazon

      Where in Brazil are you Paloma? My family moved to Brazil last September. We are currently back in Canada because my father has terminal cancer :( We are in the Northeast region, Para state in a city called Maraba. Would love to connect!

      • Paloma Castro

        Hello Jen,

        I was born in Mato Grosso, but when I go to Brazil I go to a town close to Recife. My mom’s town is called Pombos. Do you need help with Portuguese? I can maybe help you… Also, I have a Christian blog (in English):

        If there is anything that I can do to maybe help you, please let me know. I know that living in another country can’t be easy. I’ve been to Canada. I’ve lived in the US most of my life.


      • Paloma Castro

        I went on your blog and tried to see if I could send you a private message. I would love to also connect with you!

        • Jen

          Hello Paloma!
          One of the youth we know just moved to Mato Grosso! Small world! If you like, you can write to me at would love to hear from you!

  • A Little R & R

    From September through November I am featuring a series on Missions on my blog. Lots of guest posts from local and foreign missionaries, tons of resources, and my own advice from 9 years on the field!!!

  • showbizkelly

    I just added my link but didn’t complete the title. Shucks. My name is Kelly and I am moving to Tanzania in 13 days!

  • amamiot

    Doh, I want to edit my link. The instructions weren’t clear and I didn’t realize that I should put my blog name and country on the same line. I’m April at Monkeys in My Bag in Costa Rica. Is there any way to edit??

  • fancysimple

    Your post really help me with my blog tfi the family international, Thanks for this, God Bless!

  • Bob Wilson – love to get connected here…thanks for putting this together.

  • Christy

    Is this list still open to add a blog?

  • Christian tfi

    Wow Thanks for the lists. It help me a lot. God Bless! the family international

  • Sarah Elliott

    Dare you the Moon is my blog at We are missionaries in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Would love to add it here, but not sure how. Awesome to connect with others this way. Missionaries really need this!

  • Rebekah vanEttinger

    First world missions in France! The Voyage of navigating the mission field and community living.

  • Samantha Loesch in Mexico City

    Samantha Loesch in Mexico City, Mexico. Check out photos and stories of the magnificent urban jungle on “The Glorious Mystery”!

  • Julie Anderson

    Do I just enter my info here in the comments? “All These Things”–a blog about life and ministry in Swaziland, Africa. I am the director of ‘Timbali Crafts’, an income generating project for women in rural Swaziland, and I am also a mother to one beautiful adopted daughter. THANKS!

  • Julie Anderson

    WOW. I totally didn’t mean for that picture to be SO BIG. Any way to delete it? :)

    • Kimberly

      I think it is fabulous! Keep it!

  • Kimberly

    My name is Kimberly and I am working with Iris Global Ministries in Dondo, Sofala, Central Mozambique. My blog is Treasures of the Heart and can be found at

  • Kimberly Myers

    My blog tells me the gadget is broken to add this to my site. Any clues if I might be doing something wrong?

  • Nicole Boehrig

    Blog name: Exposed:Doula, homesteader, community development dreamer; Location (Swaziland); my name’s Nicole Boehrig Link:
    Where/how should I include a photo?

  • Courtney Prater
    Courtney Prater. United States. Temporarily living in Asia (Burma).

  • S’ambrosia Wasike

    From Kansas to Kenya with Love

    This is a blog my husband, a Kenyan native, and I, an American, started to share our story of being in an intercultural marriage. We hope to use this as a springboard for an organization we’re working on here in Kenya to train youth to provide a strong Christian influence in Kenyan arts and media, but right now we’re taking the year to allow me to adjust to a very new culture and marriage.

  • karen huber

    Hi friends! I just changed platforms and blogs, so The River Into Words has turned into A KC family serving in Ireland. Thanks!

  • Imelda Perez

    Hi! My name is Imelda Perez, originally from Silicon Valley, CA, USA and I am currently serving Jesus in the 10/40 by living in India. I’m the Resident Chaplain of Sarah’s Covenant Homes and my blog is “A Pearl of Great Value” at I would love to get in touch with other ministry-minded missionaries in India — especially if you’re working in orphan care and teaching. Blessings!

  • amy medina

    Is the list still open?
    Amy Medina (and family) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  • chantal king

    Can I still add my blog? I’m an aspiring missionary and have been on trips to Ghana and soon to Guyana, South America.

  • Tammy Ogden

    Hello everyone. I hope you all come visit my blog from time to time. My husband and I work in El Salvador and have been here for four years. I am a register nurse and my husband a media guru. Visit sometime!

  • Michael Leen

    Michael and Ashley Leen, From Tanzania With Love: thoughts, musings, and the occasional rant from an American couple in Tanzania. Visit us at

  • Tawni Sattler

    Sean, Tawni, and Jackson (and soon Liam!) Sattler, from WA, USA, living in Vienna, Austria. We volunteer at an International Christian P-12 School here in which the student body is made up of kids from approximately 50 different nations, and of which only approximately 10% profess to be Christian. Sean teaches math and is involved in LOADS of school ministries; Tawni volunteers as an Elementary Aide (is actually currently 7.5 months pregnant with Boy#2 though); and 5yo Jackson is enrolled in an Austrian Kindergarten. Sean and Tawni also co-lead worship at a local bi-lingual church. or /Users/smssatts/Downloads/IMG_20140622_152050.jpg

  • Caitlin Casavecchia

    I’m from Ohio and have spent the past two years teaching and serving in Siguatepeque, Honduras. Unfortunately, I have left Honduras (and left my heart there in the process), but am following God’s will and going to serve in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You can follow along at

  • Kassie Armstrong

    Kassie Armstrong here! Currently living in central FL doing innner-city work in the projects, which represents a whole different culture of it’s own. I’ve just recently started my blog so not many pictures/updates yet, but they’re coming! After my internship here, I will be enroute to Southern Asia for some other adventures, serving among the poor. I think this is a wonderful site and a great community!! I’m excited to hear so many encouraging stories. God bless!

    Blog link::


  • Lourens Laureti

    Great site. I am Lourens Laureti and we work in Papua New Guinea, amongst the Mengen people. Check out our blog at,

  • Eva Bridges

    I would love to be added to your list of blog sites. I live and work in the Middle East. Unfortunately at the bottom of the list of blogs it says it can’t add anymore.

  • Guest

    Loved this post. We live in Sololá, Guatemala and run a children’s home, school and a feeding center. Would love to be included on your blog site. Looking forward to hearing more stories from other missionaries around the globe.

  • PedroandFelis Patlan

    My previous comment didn’t register my picture so I am reposting. We run and orphanage, school and feeding center in Sololá, Guatemala. We have a blog at Looking forward to reading stories of other missionaries out there.

  • Angela Blycker

    Thank you for this site! My blog is and my family and I are with Ripe for Harvest in Central Mexico, making disciples and serving the thirsty.

  • S.Little & LHHH

    Awesome blog! Loving how we can all be connected.