6 Ways to Be Certain of the “Call”

by Rachel Pieh Jones
6 Ways to Be Certain of The Call

+-*There is much debate and discussion around The Call. Mysterious, spiritual, dreamy. Everyone else’s Call story is better. The Call is supposed to come in a flash and be so powerful that it under girds every decision and emotion and experience for the rest of your life, no questions asked, no doubts ever encountered. It […]

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How to Approach Language Learning for the Long Haul

by Abby Alleman

+-*It was my first job teaching Spanish to middle and high school students. The extent of my speaking as I roamed the aisles of antsy students was ‘¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?’ And ‘¿Cómo estás hoy?’ The kínd Spanish language students remember years down the road because the heard them 101 ways and times. But I […]

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When There’s Nowhere to Go But Home

by Editor

+-*When my husband and I decided to leave Cambodia, we had a hard time articulating why. Life was fine – very good actually. We had a decent groove with work, amazing childcare for our two children, and the most incredible faith community. And yet. We knew. It would have been easier in some ways if […]

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What Living Cross Culturally Taught Me About Being a Christian

by Editor

We’re excited to feature Cindy Brandt again today. Cindy has written for us before and is the author of a new book, Outside In. You can learn more about her book and get it for free here. ********************** I have lived cross culturally almost my entire life. Born in Taiwan, I knew one language, one culture, […]

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“God is Disappointed With Me” | Lies We Believe

by Elizabeth Trotter

+-*For the past three months we’ve been working through Timothy Sanford’s book “I Have to be Perfect” (And Other Parsonage Heresies). If you’re new to this series, you can read the previous posts here: Part 1: The Little Word That Frees Us Part 2: “I’m Not Supposed to Have Needs” Part 3: “I Can’t Trust Anyone” […]

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Forgiveness After Genocide

by Chris Lautsbaugh

+-*“Ongoing Forgiveness is key to the Development of a Nation, Overcoming Horrors of the Past.” I recently spent some time in Rwanda. Both Rwanda and my home nation of South Africa had history altering events happen twenty years ago. The Rwandan genocide saw two tribes kill over one million people in just a few short […]

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On Offending and Mending – The Challenges of Cross-Cultural Living

by Marilyn
view of the city

+-*  Of all the difficult things we do in cross-cultural moves, finding places to live is near the top. We want to create space and place – we want to create home. And often our expectations are a planet away from our reality. At one point while living in Cairo, we were hunting for a flat […]

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Ask A Counselor: Can We Talk About Domestic Violence?

by Kay Bruner

+-*“Would you talk about domestic violence on the mission field?”  That’s the question I got last month.  “Wow,” I replied, “I sure would.”  And then, my friend shared the story that follows.  I’m passing it along with her permission, and with a few changes made to protect identities. CASE STUDY There is a suitcase in […]

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“I would I had a thousand lives that I might give them…”

by Richelle Wright

+-*On Aug. 27, 1888 while working in Zhenjiang, Lottie Moon made the above statement finishing with the words “…for China.” It’s one of those inspirational missionary quotes likely to land on a striking or haunting photo featuring those in this world who most likely don’t know Jesus. The desired response is conviction and motivation. Get people moving, […]

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When Grief Bleeds

by Jonathan Trotter

+-*Grief is a powerful thing, echoing on and on through the chambers of a heart. Loss singes the soul, and death does indeed bite. We are not the only ones who grieve, to be sure, but those who’ve lived abroad certainly know this to be true: it hurts to leave. It hurts to return. And […]

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Social Media, Volunteers, and Communication

by Tara Livesay

+-*The world has grown more and more connected due to technology and open communication across the world-wide web. Thirty years ago you didn’t know what was happening with a particular friend or acquaintance serving across the world unless you got a newsletter that arrived to your mail box four to six weeks after it had […]

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Responding to Beggars

by Rachel Pieh Jones

+-*I’m not even going to pretend to offer rules on how to respond to beggars. I’m not even going to define ‘beggar.’ There are lots of varieties of people who ask for money or help and I don’t like calling them beggars. I prefer to call them Saada or Abdul but for simplicity, I’ll call […]

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