The Radical Spiritual Art of Staying Put

by Editor

If any group of people has a long and convoluted history with evangelical church traditions, it’s missionary kids. Like pastor’s kids, the emotional baggage around church is piled higher than the lost luggage corner at the Johannesburg airport. We tend to camp out either around the “wounded/bitter/cynical” baggage claim belt, or the one labeled “guilt-ridden/never […]

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Ask A Counselor: What’s your self-care plan for 2016?

by Kay Bruner

Happy New Year, friends!  This time around, I’ve got a question for you! What’s your self-care plan—body, mind, soul, spirit–for 2016? At the very beginning of this Ask-a-Counselor series, we talked about the cognitive, emotional, and spiritual challenges to self-care.  We examined those road-blocks to self-care, and we concluded that difficulties shouldn’t stop us from doing […]

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Rest. To Love.

by Jonathan Trotter

I’m trying to practice what I preach. I’m trying to remember my own advice. Oh, and I’m trying to transition back to life in Cambodia after a few months in the States. So yeah, let me remind myself (and you too, if you’re still reading): Rest. To Love. You want to love people well? You […]

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Who Do You Want to Be?

by Alece Ronzino

I finished 2015 much like I did the years before it: seemingly crawling to the finish line, ready to kick the year to the curb. 2015 was challenging in all sorts of ways — some old and expected, others new and unanticipated. I’ve seen this gif floating around The Internets: And it always makes me […]

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I Believe, Help My Unbelief

by Chris Lautsbaugh

In work, ministry, and life we all experience frequent seasons when things don’t work out quite the way we had hoped. In missions, our internal dialogues consist of “Am I making a difference?” or “Will these things ever change?” When we are trusting for provision, for a breakthrough in our health, or seeing a life […]

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When dreams come true and life gets uncomfortable  

by Richelle Wright

Over 40 years ago and a brand-new baby follower of Jesus, I promised God that if He’d have me, I’d someday be a missionary for Him when I grew up. In what is now approaching 25 years ago, I met a guy who also felt God might just be directing him towards a lifetime of […]

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What Do We Do Now?

by Abby Alleman
Baby Jesus resting on a manger with light from the star filters through window
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Searching for Home

by Editor

It’s hard to describe the turbulence of soul that comes from being on the move, always unsettled. You cannot be still and breathe deeply. You cannot love the wild-growing front-lawn tulips too much, or the way the sunlight turns the living room into a golden elven forest in the afternoon. They will soon be gone. […]

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When Singing “Joy to the World” Feels Too Hard

by Elizabeth Trotter
Joy to the World1

Sadness has found me this Christmas season. I bear sadness over the brokenness in the world, and I bear sadness over the brokenness in my own life. So I mourn. And I grieve. Then, as I am currently in the United States for a short visit, I look around at America’s intensely commercialized version of […]

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To Eat or Not to Eat, That Is the Question

by Craig Thompson
Have a look

I need your help to crowd source this post. Let me explain. In every culture, there are some foods that those on the outside don’t understand. In fact, many on the inside don’t understand them either. Maybe they were first eaten during a time of shortage, and then, after that time had passed, they were handed down […]

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The Darkness is Not Winning

by Marilyn
hole in the heart

“The darkness is not winning!” These are words I read yesterday in a newsletter from my brother and sister-in-law. Stan and Tami live in Denver but spend at least half the year traveling throughout the world. And in their travels, they see things. They connect with people through the joys and challenges of a life […]

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Best Christmas Advice: Act One and Act Two

by Amy Young
Power of your presence

Act One: several years ago In a meeting with a Chinese pastor my colleague and I asked her how foreign Christians in the vicinity of her church could support her and the church. The church is in sort-of a rural area (a relative term in that part of China) and most of the foreigners don’t […]

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