Across the Great Divide

by Richelle Wright

As a kid, I vaguely remember watching a movie called Across the Great Divide. I don’t remember a ton of details – essentially two orphan kids have to get across the Rocky Mountains and to the West Coast to get their inheritance. In the process, they meet up with… and end up partnering with… a […]

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Dear Oldies (a letter from a newbie)

by Anisha Hopkinson

Hi there. It’s me, the Newbie. I read the 5 tips for Newbies about building relationships with Oldies and figured since the line of communication opened, I’d go ahead and share too. At a year and a half in country, I’m just over the ‘how in the world do I bake with a gas mark […]

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My Kids Are Not Little Missionaries

by Editor

We don’t go into cross cultural missions without a fair degree of idealism. We would never leave our home, family, friends and culture if we didn’t think it was our calling and that we would make a difference. As parents, our children become part of that idealism. We can’t help having expectations and dreams of […]

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Failing at Fatherhood (how moving abroad ruined my parenting)

by Jonathan Trotter

I sat on the floor, weeping. I was two whole days into living abroad, and I was already losing it. Those tears portended more, and in our first year overseas, the thing that knocked me down the most, the thing that discouraged and distracted and depressed me the most, was the sense that I was […]

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The Teary Expat Mom, Shopping

by Rachel Pieh Jones
The Teary Expat Mom, Shopping

A confession… I am that woman who balances twenty boxes of shoes at the register in Payless. Four pairs of shoes per person. The same shoe in incrementally larger sizes for the kids. Buy one, get one half off. I am that woman who, in late August, needs two carts at Target. I am that […]

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Ask a counselor:  when the helper needs help

by Kay Bruner
accept help

This is a question that came in several months ago, and it seemed like it needed an immediate answer, so I answered at the time.  I thought it was worth talking about again, though. The question addresses a very specific and personal situation, but I think the answers can apply to many more general circumstances, […]

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by Andy Bruner

We, the editorial team, love running this sight and being a part of this community with you. In recent months, the website has gone down a couple of times, and as a result we have had to rethink how we host it. We are looking at a new platform but there are costs associated with […]

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Memories Of A Million Footsteps: How Our Secondary Homes Stick With Us

by Lisa McKay
Boats on Mekong

I am five months into our time in Port Vila now, and it’s been almost six months since Cyclone Pam devastated large parts of Vanuatu. All things considered, we’re settling in well. One thing that’s caught me by surprise during this move, however, is how much I think back to Laos. We spent five years […]

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An Anniversary That Snuck Up On Me

by Amy Young
Erin, Amy, Cynthia

Twenty years ago on August 8th (my mom’s birthday), my parents drove me to Denver International Airport, dropped me off (per my request), and I flew off to several weeks of new teacher orientation in California before heading to China. Oh my word. Erin (my teammate) and Cynthia (province mate) seem to have dressed in […]

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When the Rocks Lighten: How to Count Suffering

by Abby Alleman

It’s been a heavy, transition-packed few weeks around here. As I have been packing and unpacking, there has been a lot of hard news. It’s the kind that stops you right where you are and makes you remember it is a gift to be here. A gift to serve. A gift to be alive. A […]

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Particle Physics Finally Explains Third Culture Kids!

by Elizabeth Trotter

Some of you know I’m a science lover. Our friends back in the States know this too, and a couple times a year they send us a package with their old science magazines (along with other treats). I love Magazine Arrival Day. Earlier this year I cracked open the September 2014 issue of Discover magazine […]

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Returning Well: Looking Back, Moving Forward

by Editor

Re-entry. “Re” – meaning “again.” Meaning that you’ve done this before. This is not the first time. Sure, this time will have its differences. But, He has given you the courage to step out and the strength to walk forward before. You’ve sorted your things, packed countless boxes, and weighed your bags before. You’ve said […]

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