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by Editor on November 14, 2012

The day is here!

We’ve been working behind the scenes and our first official post will hit the online space tomorrow, November 15th. But, before we get into the actual articles from our amazing team of international writers, I wanted to take a minute to personally welcome you to this site which is written by global workers, for global workers.

We’ll be having new content 3-4 times every week, so be sure to subscribe today for posts to get sent right to your inbox. It’s a free and easy way to connect with the faith community of missionaries. You can simply enter your email address below:

Take a minute today, too, to connect with us on Facebook by liking our page (HERE or on the sidebar) or by following us on twitter at @alifeoverseas . Feel free to browse around the authors’ sites, too, and get to know their work and online voices, as well.

Whether you are thinking about living internationally, or whether you have logged years of experience already, thank you for being here and thank you for the work you are doing to impact the world for good and for the Kingdom.

Let the conversation begin.

– Laura Parker, co-founder, former missionary to SE Asia

blog: LauraParkerBlog     twitter:  @lauraparkerblog     work:  theExodusRoad 


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  • This is SO exciting!!!!! I just wrote a post yesterday about how I am resenting the culture I’m trying to reach, and sometimes I feel like I’m the only one. I also want to say that life on the field, as a single person, is really, really hard sometimes, and I hope to meet others. Thanks Laura and Angie!

    • Hi Lana! I am so happy that you found this place. Make yourself at home! This site is exactly for YOU and people just like you. Yep. Life can be really hard sometimes. I hope you can find encouragement and camaraderie here. Blessings!

    • Thanks! I’m excited to have you hear, too, and I think you have something really important to say about what it means to live single on the field– I can imagine that connecting with people can be even tougher.

      Looking forward to hanging out here some. . . .


  • Kelley

    This is terrific. Thanks for providing this space for conversation in such a needed niche!

    • So good to hear you agree that there is a need for a space like this. Welcome to the conversation!

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  • Liz K

    Yeahhhh!! This is exciting stuff!! We are in our first year here in Costa Rica, well, we did a year of langauge school here, but now we are settling into a new area of the country and getting into the ministry. So glad for online community!!! Can’t wait to see what comes of this!!

    • Awesome! How’s it going so far, Liz? Costa Rica– fun– Angie, our other editor is in Bolivia. Not tooo far away I guess. Thanks for stopping by– we are pretty pumped, too.

      Lots of love from Colorado,


      • Liz K

        thanks Laura! I have actually been reading Angie’s blog for a couple of years now..and your name totally caught me off guard as that’s my sister’s married name!:)

        • Hi Liz – thanks for joining in on the conversation here. And thank you for reading ‘the @’. You are cool.

      • Laura, don’t you love how the world shrinks after you have been around it a few times? On my computer screen of Google Maps the distance from Colorado to Costa Rica is 4.5 inches. Costa Rica to Bolivia is a mere 3.5 inches. I have to admit, though, I do wish CR was so much closer. DaRonn (my husband) and I went there on a Teen Mania trip just after we were married leading a rowdy team of teens. CR is a beautiful country!

        Liz and Colleen, I am glad you found each other here! Keep up the good work ministering to the people of Costa Rica, ladies! Love from Bolivia 🙂

        • This was totally the hope of the blog– that people overseas could “find” each other. Love it.

    • Liz–Where are you guys in Costa Rica? I am here too!

      • Liz K

        Colleen!! We are in San Rafael, which is north east of Heredia about 4 miles (you know, but 20 minutes with traffic and the mountains!) Where are you?

        • We are in Platanillo, about 45 minutes from Turrialba in the south. We recently moved out of the base of the Chirripo indigenous reserve because we just needed a more central place to locate our kids and our ministry. We had been about 2 hours from Turrialba in a very remote town.

  • I am excited to join in here! I am a missionary mom, wife, mother to five boys, freelance writer, and founder of the Mercy Covers initiative to provide meaningful work to women in the rural mountains of Costa Rica where I live. So, I think I kind of might fit in with this crew. I am passionate about advocating for orphans, fighting human slavery, and sharing the love of Christ. I look forward to reading future posts.

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