February 2013

Welcome Tara Livesay . . . And A Few Announcements

by Laura Parker on February 28, 2013

Angie and I wanted to take a quick minute today to introduce you all to our newest monthly contributor, Tara Livesay. Tara lives in Haiti, with her seven children and husband, and is working with pregnant women and new mothers there.  We’ve been watching her for a while, and we think this community will be […]

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Short Term Missions and a Church in Haiti

by Editor on February 27, 2013

Guest writer and missionary to Haiti, Shannon Kelley, shares a short term missions experience. ———————————————— It’s a typical Sunday.  My family walks over dirt roads about a mile to a little cinder block church.  We are the only non-Haitian’s there.  We sit amongst our friends – people with hard lives that get down on their […]


When Missions Goes Hollywood

by Laura Parker on February 25, 2013

 Anybody can have a good website. Anybody. And that includes missionaries and ministries and humanitarian efforts that want and need. . .  money. And oftentimes, what you see IS what you get– honest efforts at helping others, effective means of sharing God’s love with a community whether it be in education or poverty reduction or […]


Sexual Abuse on the Mission Field

by Editor on February 22, 2013

The instant message to her friend said, “I hate them. They don’t know anything about me.” Four years earlier we had landed on foreign soil.  The flight that carried us, and our 100 pounds each of luggage, was just short enough to cry the entire way.  We felt strongly we were on the right path, […]


In the Presence of My Enemies {Giveaway}

by Angie Washington on February 19, 2013

You can win one of 3 hardcover books sent to ANYWHERE in the world! How far does your forgiveness reach? That was the question pulsating in my heart as I read the harrowing true story of Gracia and Martin Burnham, ‘In the Presence of My Enemies’. During my first year in Bolivia, Gracia became a […]


Concrete churches in a bamboo world

by Justin Schneider on February 15, 2013

After going to an Ash Wednesday service on Ash Wednesday, my wife and I were talking about the history of some of the practices most associate with Christianity yet possibly, or likely, have their roots in pagan rituals or practices. As it turns out, rabbits and eggs are ancient symbols of fertility, and several people […]


The Aim of Language Learning

by Rachel Pieh Jones on February 13, 2013

I posted a note on Facebook about a language lesson and received this comment, “Are you still studying language? I thought you’d be fluent by now.” Ouch. It has been more than a decade. What’s my problem? I can make a list of excuses. I speak two, sometimes three languages. I had two-year old twins […]


When the Mission Field Hurts Your Marriage

by Levi Benkert on February 11, 2013

The words flew like arrows, each piercing through the thick air between us, not one missing it’s target, cutting deep into the flesh and tearing what we once held dear.  No amount of armor could protect us in this place, our hearts were open, bare, raw, and being ripped to shreds. Yes we had taken […]


Serious Play: An Invitation to Life and Work as Worship

by Adele Booysen on February 8, 2013

Before I jump into the post, please know that when I refer to work, I do not only mean paying jobs, but any role that keeps you occupied throughout the day. ******************* I love my job. I even have a sticker declaring that very fact stuck to my laptop, just below the arrow keys. Not […]


Avoiding a Messiah Complex (with a Giveaway!)

by Chris Lautsbaugh on February 6, 2013

Do I have your attention? (if not, keep reading…there will be a giveaway later on!) Do you really think missionaries view themselves as a Messiah to the people they reach? No, but this complex starts with a small thought, attitude, or even temptation. That temptation is rooted in arrogance. What!? Missionaries being arrogant? Aren’t the words […]


In the Face of Deep Disappointment

by Richelle Wright on February 4, 2013

“Men and women enter ministry for various reasons.  ‘Because I want to be a deep disappointment to others as well as to myself’ is rarely listed among them.” ~ Jeff Manion The Land Between Why are you, as an international worker, doing what you are doing? And do you feel as though you are accomplishing what […]


The New Year is upon us and many of us find ourselves wanting to see some things happen differently in 2013.  Diets are started, churches attended, gyms joined, addictions abandoned as part of our resolutions and then within a few weeks we slowly revert to our old habits and behaviors.  I must admit that I’ve […]

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