March 2013

Triggered by the Tragedy at Sandy Hook

by Editor on March 28, 2013

One Saturday morning I woke up to humid Asian heat rising over my bed and the sound of cranky motorbikes on the way to the market. Oblivious that a tragedy had happened while I slept, I got up and went about my morning routine. When I finally logged onto my facebook, I became numb at […]


Beyond Good Intentions

by Editor on March 25, 2013

Working with the materially poor is really tricky. We want to help, but it’s not always easy to determine what is helping and what is hurting. How are we supposed to fulfill our biblical mandate to care for the materially poor without creating dependencies? Puerto Peñasco is a small city just an hour south of […]


Missionary Motivators

by Angie Washington on March 20, 2013

Why are you a missionary? What motivated you to live a life of challenge, adventure, and sacrifice? How did you make the decision to serve in such an intense capacity? We have lived in Bolivia for over 11 years. From the time I was seven I knew I would live outside the U.S. for most […]


Is Justice Worth It?

by Laura Parker on March 17, 2013

As I scoured the internet last week for inspiration for The Exodus Road, the nonprofit I help my husband lead which fights modern day slavery, I stumbled upon this video about justice. . . And I immediately thought of you all. Because you, this community at A Life Overseas, you make others– the different, the […]

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Emergency Departure

by Justin Schneider on March 15, 2013

What is your plan of action when the political situation around you deteriorates to the point where your safety is at risk? A big part of my training as an attorney is managing risk. In risk management, the potential risk of an action or situation is weighed against the potential benefit. When the risk outweighs […]


Ice Cream and Poverty

by Rachel Pieh Jones on March 13, 2013

My 7-year old went to her Somali/Arab/Afar dance class one Saturday afternoon. The guard outside informed us that there was no longer dance on Saturday afternoon, no matter that we had signed up, no matter that we had paid just last week. Discouraged, we ran errands instead and ended up at a store which sells […]


Breakfast with Gracia Burnham

by Angie Washington on March 9, 2013

I arrived at the restaurant way too early and waited in the foyer Wednesday morning.  Part of me still expected her to show up with an entourage.  A driver and bodyguard at least!  She is that much of a rock star to me. Over a decade ago Gracia Burnham, author of ‘In the Presence of […]


The Joys and Pains of Making New Friends

by Adele Booysen on March 8, 2013

Last November, I wrote a post about finding community, pointing to the danger of relying mostly on a virtual world and not connecting well with people around you. But saying, “Find community,” is almost like simply saying, “Lose weight” without sharing ideas on how to go about doing so. In real life—or perhaps I should […]


The Changing Face of Missions

by Chris Lautsbaugh on March 6, 2013

The Missionary

I want us to consider how globalization is effecting us as missionaries. Fritz Kling wrote a book entitled “The Meeting of the Waters: 7 Global Currents That Will Propel the Future Church” His book will be the backdrop for our discussion. In it he identifies two characters; Missions Marm and Apple Guy. Missions Marm – An […]


The mercury’s climbing…

by Richelle Wright on March 4, 2013

Let’s talk about the weather… even though frankly, I’d really rather not – -but that is because it is miserably, uncomfortably hot these days. When we talk about the weather here, we say we have three seasons: hot, miserably, uncomfortably hot, and even worse. That miserably, uncomfortably hot has begun… well over 104’F/40’C during the […]


Searching for home after a global upbringing

by Lisa McKay on March 1, 2013

It’s book month on A Life Overseas!! I love books and I’m especially excited to be able to share a little about my latest book, Love At The Speed Of Email, with you today. I’ve got three electronic copies to give away (PDF, MOBI, or EPUB versions available). Find out how to enter below. Love […]