August 2013

Missionaries Dread This

by Chris Lautsbaugh on August 30, 2013

By: Phoenix Wolf-Ray

Missionaries deal with many things. Poverty, Disease, Visas, Political upheaval, driving on the “wrong” side of the road, and more. Perhaps the part of the job or calling which brings the most dread is support raising. Every job has things which we do not like. Whether you are in business, medicine, or missions. I have […]



It was one of those conversations that I could have never planned on happening… and it was so super awkward when it did – but God allowed it… He even had it happen with most of my biggers standing right there and listening… absorbing… But first, a tiny bit of the back story. Our son […]


Words Matter

by Marilyn on August 26, 2013


In health care we have a story we call “The 71-Million Dollar Word Story”. It involves a young man from Cuba, the absence of a skilled interpreter, and a misdiagnosis. The man was 18 years old and had just graduated from high school. He was riding around with his friend when he complained of a […]


Not Hating Your Husband’s Ministry

by Angie Washington on August 23, 2013

Danielle Cevallos Thailand

We welcome Danielle Cevallos as our guest writer today. Her words come to us from Bangkok, Thailand where she and her beautiful family serve. Early in our marriage my husband and I did ministry alongside of one another. However, in the past 5 years, God has called my husband to something that has forced me […]


Plays well with others

by Tara Livesay on August 21, 2013


Plays well with others Follows directions Shows respect   In elementary school, they used to have a pretty simple way of letting us know how we were doing in life, at least according to their limited observations in a few key categories. They graded us fairly simply; we were either satisfactory or unsatisfactory. When I […]


What do they need?

by Dustin on August 19, 2013

DSC_0739 2

It’s a simple question. It typically comes from a genuine place in our hearts. We enter a community, or we visit one, and one of the first things we see is the overwhelming need. Whether it’s the splintered relationships of a gossipy suburb in America or it’s the vast physical poverty of the Mathare Valley […]


Bring the Rain

by Alece Ronzino on August 16, 2013

Alece Ronzino Bring the Rain

Africa has the greatest storms. The rainy season finally comes after months of drought, and by the time the first drop falls, the earth is cracked and parched. Lakes and ponds have all but dried up. The tall savannah grass is brown and brittle. The earth is thirsty. Ready. Waiting. And then, out of nowhere […]


The Purpose of Missions: Uh, What is It Again?

by Laura Parker on August 14, 2013

I’m not going to lie– my idea of missions has had an extreme makeover during the last several years. I pushed off shore thinking I knew so much about loving-well and Jesus-following in another culture, but I continue to learn that I probably know-wrong more than I know-right. And this can be very disheartening for the hit-the-ground-running missionary. Independent or […]


Celebrate and Vacate

by Angie Washington on August 12, 2013

Washington kids (Gabrielle is in the middle)

Today is my daughter’s Golden Birthday: 12 on the 12th! Yeah for Gabrielle! So today’s A Life Overseas post is dedicated to celebrations… and vacations! Celebrate the small stuff! Celebrate the big stuff! Don’t let the work take up so much room that you “don’t have (make) time” for: celebrations, travel, relaxing, fun, vacations, parties… […]


Carrying Water

by Editor on August 9, 2013

Tamara White Carrying Water

Today’s guest post comes from Tamara White, former domestic missionary, current international consultant and therapist. When I was in Haiti, high up in a mountain village, I was greeted every morning by a little girl who carried water for her family. The container was as big as her torso, perched perfectly on her sweet head. […]


The Introverted Expat

by Rachel Pieh Jones on August 7, 2013


Introverts seem to be getting more attention these days, which might make most of us uncomfortable. 35 Quotes for Introverts. 27 Problems Only Introverts Understand. Susan Cain’s book Quiet. Donald Miller wrote about How to Get Along With an Introvert. How about the expatriate introvert? Hi. I’m Rachel and I’m an introvert. I don’t like […]


Can Nations Change?

by Chris Lautsbaugh on August 5, 2013

By: SuSanA Secretariat

Many negatives characteristics describe the nations we serve in. Some of these issues may even be the reasons we are serving overseas. Issues of crime, corruption and poverty are common to most nations where we as missionaries reside. Although, the irony is, these issues are no longer limited to the developing world, but are rampant […]