October 2013

Is This Really, Ever Okay?

by Laura Parker on October 30, 2013

The following video is one we took in the downtown tourist area in Chiang Mai, SE Asia, several months ago.  There happened to be a street preacher there that night, shouting Bible verses Navy-SEAL-style, in ENGLISH, while several people handed out literature to the tourists and locals passing by. And we walked away, trying to […]


The Voice of the National – Global

by Editor on October 27, 2013

Next Door Neighbors

Earlier this month we invited you to participate in a post designed to further the conversations surrounding missions around the world. This post is the summarized compilation of the answers you sent us. Thank you to everyone who took the time to sit and listen. Even if you did not contribute to this post we […]


To My 25-year-old Self…

by Angie Washington on October 25, 2013

cochabamba 8

Hey there, you. Yes, you with the big dreams and full schedule. Yes, you getting ready to embark on the greatest mission of your life. Can I have a minute? I know you have laundry to do, support letters to mail, and noses to wipe, but if I may? First of all, let me assure […]


A Practical (Running) Life Overseas

by Rachel Pieh Jones on October 22, 2013


I used to hate running and at the end of the first run I completed in Djibouti I put my hands on my knees, nearly tumbled to the ground, and said (through heaving breaths), “People do this, like, for fun?” Apparently they do. And then I started to do it, like, for fun too. A […]


The Shame of AIDS

by Chris Lautsbaugh on October 18, 2013

By: Anthony Easton

One of the leading issues in many of the nations we live and work in is HIV/AIDS. The statistics from South Africa on this issue are shocking.  Conservative estimates place infection rates at 10% of the nation, or over 5 million cases. You would assume with these facts, the signs of this disease would be […]



I can’t remember the first time we received one of those questionnaires in the mail… Since that time, many more have arrived – although now it is not  uncommon for a link to show up in our inbox, requesting us to respond to a list of questions at an online site which then tabulates our […]



Beginning Monday evening through all day Tuesday, Muslims around the world will celebrate Eid al Adha – the feast of sacrifice.  Eid al Adha is the second of two feasts that occur after Ramadan. This feast is the biggest and most important holiday of the Muslim year and concludes the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca […]



by Tara Livesay on October 8, 2013


Over the years we have tried with patchy success to create a habit of frequently asking ourselves whether the things we are doing make sense and if it seems like ‘God is in it?‘   We hope to avoid getting trapped into routines or habits without truly examining what we’re doing. We desire to be purposeful about […]

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Help Us! Interview Your Local Friends

by Editor on October 6, 2013


So we think one of the greatest problems which we as a community can make when we talk about international missions is to only include voices from, well, white faces. This is why several months ago we introduced a feature here at A Life Overseas called Voice of the National. It was the idea that […]

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You’re in Good Company

by Dustin on October 4, 2013

Sometimes it really feels like we

If you are a missionary overseas, what you do (if you’re doing it right) is not easy. It’s hard work and despite how others picture it, it’s not always rewarding. We’ve all heard stories of missionaries who have worked for years and have done little more than survive. This can be discouraging and for me […]


The Exodus Road: Discount for A Life Overseas Readers

by Laura Parker on October 2, 2013


As some of you may know, I’ve practically taken a virtual vow of silence online for the past several months as I’ve been writing my own, very-first, book. It’s the honest account of how we went from the world of humanitarian missions to the world of undercover investigations into the sex trafficking industry. It’s a […]

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