March 2021

Do you see missions in your future? Then this is for you.  Right now, you’re just planning, and dreaming, and hoping. But one day it will finally be the right time, and you’ll find yourself filling out an application with a mission organization, packing your bags, and moving overseas. There’s just one thing you might […]


The Burden: a poem of brokenness and calling

by Editor on March 30, 2021

by Erica Shelley Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India, was broken by the reality of child temple prostitution and was moved to action.  In 1904, Amy was praying and saw a vision of Jesus kneeling amongst trees; she sensed that he was asking her to share his burden. Reflecting in a private autobiography, Amy later […]


Book Discussion Guide For You and “Pillars”

by Amy Young on March 26, 2021

For the most part I am able to control myself. But every now and then I read something that I cannot stop myself from annoying those around me with. So, you are welcome that though I wanted to write to you every seven minutes as I read Pillars: How Muslim Friends Led Me Closer to […]


Finding Jesus in a Slum

by Editor on March 23, 2021

by Rahma Ten years ago, I moved to Indonesia with one suitcase and a heart full of hope. I planned to live in a slum, learn the language, and seek the Kingdom of Jesus. Of course, the first year had many challenges. There was so much to learn and adjust to: the language, washing clothes […]


When in Rome . . . or Santiago or Nairobi or Chiang Mai

by Craig Thompson on March 19, 2021

When in Rome, sometimes we do as the Romans do just to fit in. Sometimes it’s out of necessity. Sometimes it’s because their way is actually better. And sometimes it’s because, well—Why not give it a shot? Has your host culture offered you ways of doing things different from what you’re used to, ways you’ve […]


Sometimes It’s OK to Not Fit In

by Abby Alleman on March 16, 2021

It was a balmy Fall day in Budapest, Hungary. Cars whizzed by my kitchen window, up and down the hill in the neighborhood known as Gazdagret. My youngest son, nearly two, napped in the early afternoon. My phone rang. It was my oldest son’s iskola teacher, Aniko. She told me that they were getting ready […]


(originally published in 2013) just a little fun essay today I am sad to say that my youngest daughter is a Kid Who Vomits on Airplanes. This means my husband and I have become the Parents Who Travel With Them. Our older two kids don’t do this, or haven’t, since 2004 when one of them […]


To the New Expat…

by Marilyn on March 12, 2021

A few weeks ago, someone who is moving overseas contacted me. This is her first time living overseas, she is going into the unknown, and wants to be as prepared as possible. Here is what I said to her: Dear Lucy (name has been changed) Wow – I’m excited for you and not a little […]


by Rebecca Hopkins Women may struggle finding their voice in meetings. They may want to grow in their roles, but don’t have anyone willing to mentor them. They may not be considered for high-level management in Christian non-profits. And their work often goes unnoticed and unsupported, particularly when a couple is sharing one support-based salary. […]


Winter ripe for birth

by Jonathan Trotter on March 4, 2021

What a winter we’ve had. The pandemic, the politics, the panic. Jobs lost, and family members too. Too many hopes (and people) dead. And somehow, spring reminds us that winter is ripe for birth. Winter is always ripe for birth. As Lewis writes, the seed, myself, that which is deep-buried, may not die, if He […]