33 Clickbait Headlines for Expats—Number 12 Will Make You Gasp

Normally, clickbait headlines are created simply to grab clicks—and clicks and clicks and more clicks. But you can’t click on the titles below, since there aren’t any stories linked to them. Instead, if being an expat is in your past, present, or future, the stories are up to you, to write or live out yourselves.

So here’s to the new year . . . and all the stories ahead!

  1. They had no idea why all the nationals were staring at them
  2. She said the same thing to her neighbor every morning for a month—until her language teacher explained to her what it meant
  3. Only 1 in 1000 people can identify these countries by their shapes—can you?
  4. He thought his carryon would fit in the overhead bin, then this happened
  5. 5 things visa officers don’t want you to know
  6. Never take your family to a new country—with a new culture, new language, new schools, new food, and new climate—without using this one simple trick
  7. I went without chocolate chips for a year, and the results were mind-boggling
  8. 10 language fails that aren’t funny at all—try not to scream
  9. When they moved back “home,” they never expected THIS to happen
  10. This couple thought their daughter was speaking gibberish—then they listened closely
  11. Missionaries, fill out this church evaluation form, then brace yourselves
  12. They thought no one on the bus understood English
  13. After 6 months overseas, they have an announcement to make
  14. This 20-year-old TCK doesn’t have his license—the reason will astound you
  15. Scientists just discovered a cure for culture shock—and it’s already in your kitchen cabinet
  16. This video of a foreigner trying to go unnoticed just went viral
  17. She caused a huge stir in the market, just because of these two words
  18. They attended pre-field orientation twice, but nothing could have prepared them for what happened their first morning abroad
  19. They live in a tropical paradise on $1,000 a month
  20. An expat eats this everyday for lunch, then they tell him what it is
  21. We can know how long you’ll stay overseas with just one question
  22. These Third Culture Kids finally confirm the rumors—they’re not “from” here
  23. She got mom-shamed while taking her child out for a walk—her reaction was priceless
  24. You won’t believe how well these foreigners communicate in their passport countries
  25. We compared instant rice to sticky rice—and it wasn’t even close
  26. A missionary family posted photos of their vacation—and the internet can’t even
  27. Her cross-cultural teammates can’t stop talking about her
  28. These photos of children growing up overseas were unsuitable for history books—until now
  29. How to become fluent in a new language in just 20 years!
  30. This amazing new app has grandparents saying, It’s like the little ones never moved half a world away!
  31. 10 genius ways to turn your unused passport photos into gifts for family and friends
  32. WARNING: This epic missionary newsletter will make you rethink your life
  33. Write this simple phrase on your visa renewal form and never have to fill one out again—guaranteed!

[photo: “Giorgi – Shocked,” by japrea, used under a Creative Commons license]

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Published by

Craig Thompson

Craig and his wife, Karen, along with their five children, served as missionaries in Taipei, Taiwan, for ten years before returning to southwest Missouri. His experiences, as well as conversations with other cross-cultural workers, have made him more and more interested in member care and the process of transitioning between cultures. Craig blogs at ClearingCustoms.net.

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