A Chat About TCKs, Faith, and Missions with Marilyn Gardner and Elizabeth Trotter

It was a joy to record this conversation with my dear friend and fellow expat writer, Marilyn Gardner. We talked about so many things that we had to split it into two parts!

In the first video, I introduce Marilyn, who wrote regularly at A Life Overseas for many years and has published two books on the TCK experience — Between Worlds and Worlds Apart. (She also raised her five children overseas.) We talk about writing, about her TCK childhood, and then begin talking about pitfalls in missions.

In the second video, we go deeper into some current and historical trends Marilyn has observed over the years, before pivoting to MKs and faith struggles. Marilyn knows what it is to struggle with faith, and her heart is so compassionate to those who are struggling.

I hope you will watch both videos when you have time!

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Elizabeth Trotter

Elizabeth lived in Southeast Asia for 8 years and fell in love. Then covid happened and brought her back to the States, where she is currently figuring out how to do life in America again. Before moving to Asia, Elizabeth worked in youth ministry for ten years. She and her husband co-wrote "Serving Well: Help for the Wannabe, Newbie, or Weary Cross-cultural Christian Worker." Find her on the web at www.trotters41.com.

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