A Note from the Leadership Team

May of 2013, A Life Overseas co-founder Laura Parker wrote an article celebrating the site’s six-month anniversary and its first 100 posts. At that time, our Facebook community numbered about 800 folks.

As of this writing, regular and guest writers have published 742 articles, with a community on Facebook exceeding 11,000 people! Thank you for reading and commenting and sharing!

A Life Overseas has always been about hosting “the missions conversation,” and thanks to our writers and readers, that has happened. And we want to keep that conversation happening!

With that in mind, we’d like to ask you for money. Not a lot, just a little.

None of the writers at A Life Overseas makes any money. We all have “day jobs,” including our editor-in-chief, Elizabeth Trotter. But hosting a site that reaches over 60,000 people per month isn’t free. It’s not real expensive either. It’s about $80 per month.

So, if you feel like you’ve benefited from A Life Overseas, or if you feel like someone you love has benefited from A Life Overseas, or if you’ve ever sent an article to someone because you wanted them to understand something about your life overseas, you want to help us stay online? If so, that’d be totally sweet.

Click Here to donate via PayPal. Todays business world All funds are managed by Andy Bruner, our IT guy and treasurer.

If you have any questions, you can comment here or e-mail us at alifeoverseasblog@gmail.com. Thanks so much for joining with us!


all for ONE,

Jonathan Trotter, for the Leadership Team

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Jonathan Trotter

Jonathan is the co-author of "Serving Well: Help for the Wannabe, Newbie, or Weary Cross-cultural Christian Worker." After serving in Cambodia for eight years, he relocated back to the States and now provides online pastoral care and empathetic coaching to global workers through Seeing the Hearts of the Hurting. Before moving to the field with Elizabeth and their four kids, he served as a youth pastor in the Midwest for ten years and as an inner-city ER/trauma nurse for three years. He enjoys walking with people towards Jesus and eating imported Twizzlers. | www.trotters41.com | facebook: trotters41 | instagram: @trotters41

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