A Poem for Our Pandemic Fears

by Krista Besselman

There’s prevalent fear, or at least a concern,
That life as we knew it may never return.
This year has been grim and distressingly strange.
We gave up so much and got what in exchange?


We mourn what has been such a difficult year.
We look to the future and can’t help but fear
No matter the changes or time we allow
We can’t get to normal from where we are now.


With all that’s to fear in a year that’s been tough,
Some fear that the rest are not fearful enough.
And all the uncertainty soon starts to chafe—
We don’t know what’s right and we don’t know what’s safe.


May all those I meet, though we may not agree,
Find mercy and grace and see Jesus in me,
That others may find, when their need is most clear,
The peace that He gives that is greater than fear.



Krista found a heart for missions accounting in Papua New Guinea and still uses what she learned in her seven years there to support Bible translation from Texas. She writes poetry to process the ups, downs, and outright crises of life. Her favorite poems call herself–and others–to remember God’s faithfulness in every situation.

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