An invitation to the 2017 Velvet Ashes online retreat

We’re all fans of Sabbath here, right? Or at least the idea of Sabbath. We know we need to take time away from our responsibilities to physically rest and spiritually renew, but actually doing it? Well, that proves to be a challenge for us.

Constant needs clamor for our attention. Even if we are able to clear those aside for a day of rest, finding ways to truly refresh right where we are is… difficult.

But what if you received an invitation to Sabbath? What if you were provided with everything you need for a day of renewal?

Ladies, consider this your invitation:


You are invited to join the 2017 Velvet Ashes Online Retreat. It’s the retreat that comes to you right where you are. No plane tickets required. It’s a day to spend in the presence of God. All of the resources are crafted intentionally to lead you into connection with God.

Denise joined in this retreat last year a bit skeptical, “An online retreat? What does that even mean? Will that actually be meaningful?” But a year later, she says, “I still remember the chair I sat in as I went through the Scripture meditation. The retreat was a benchmark for my spiritual journey.”

Jessica said she came into the retreat during a very dark period in her life.  During the retreat, she experienced God in a very personal way. He gave her a visual picture that spoke volumes to her hurting soul. She said, “That was the beginning. The Velvet Ashes Retreat was the beginning of God leading me out of that dark season and into a place of thriving.”

Last year over 1,300 women serving in 121 countries joined in this retreat.  The response from them that we’re getting this year is, “We are so excited to do it again!” Women want this day to become part of the rhythm of their year.

You can use the retreat as a personal retreat experience or you can use our Host Guide to gather women for a group retreat.  All the planning is done for you!

Husbands, can I give you an idea? This year, we’re offering a “gift the retreat” option. What a treat would it be for your wife to receive an email that tells her she’s been gifted a retreat experience from you?  You could include a message that tells her you’ll watch the kids, you’ll hold down the fort, you want her to have this day to renew.

Sending churches, you can gift this retreat to your ladies on the field! This is a tangible way to meet their needs, to bring refreshment to their lives.

Friends, family members, and senders back home, this is a chance to send a meaningful gift of love to the lady you know on the field. And you don’t even have to go to the post office and pay crazy shipping costs!

Ladies, we invite you to join the Velvet Ashes Retreat, it’s an invitation for you to come and Receive.  Questions? Check out answers here.

And register here.

If you’re someone who has returned from the field or is preparing to go? This is most definitely for you too!

And finally, can I invite everyone to pray for this retreat? Will you pray blessing on every woman who will be participating, that God’s presence will meet her?


What is the hardest part about practicing Sabbath for you?

Have you done the Velvet Ashes Retreat before? What was it like for you?

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