Anisha Hopkinson

Reasons to fall in love with serving overseas

by Anisha Hopkinson on February 11, 2020

Last month, I wrote about some of the harder parts of serving overseas. If that post was a downer, this one is all about highs. I’ve fallen in love with serving overseas. Here are some of the reasons why… You get to live a life most others either can’t or won’t. A couple years ago, […]


The Harsh Flip Side of Serving Overseas

by Anisha Hopkinson on January 12, 2020

Those of us who live and serve overseas have a lot to be excited about. We experience many unforgettable, life shaping moments. It’s just that these great moments come with a pretty harsh flip side. If you’re considering moving overseas and are caught up in the excitement, or perhaps already are overseas and feeling a […]


Ever wondered if missionary service could be right for you? Take this quiz and find out! Select all appropriate answers and tally scores for your final results. Do have a call from God? Yes [ 20  ]   No  [ 20  ]        Have you ever worked as a hair dresser? Yes [Greenlighted. Skip quiz and […]


All the days ordained for me

by Anisha Hopkinson on November 12, 2019

How such an awful day can start with so much promise, I’m really not sure. The sky shown high and a glorious sapphire blue, and the air so calm and clear it seemed to magnify the beauty of the mountain ridges behind our house. I left home the morning of September 23rd feeling thankful and […]


5+ Questions to Ask a Visiting Missionary at Dinner

by Anisha Hopkinson on September 10, 2019

Ok, so you’re inviting a visiting missionary over for dinner. For sure you’ll ask them about their ministry and all they are experiencing God doing in the hearts and lives of the people they serve. This is good and important, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing you talk about. In my experience, […]


If I could tell you three things…

by Anisha Hopkinson on August 13, 2019

Hey there Christian. If I could share three things with you, here’s what they would be: Time is so much shorter than you think. You are so much richer than you think. You don’t have to find your calling. Let me explain… Time is so much shorter than you think. Truly, it is. We’ve got […]


Newsletter Code Words

by Anisha Hopkinson on July 11, 2019

Before moving overseas, I read newsletters of cross cultural workers and thought something along the lines of, Well, that’s interesting. Now that I live overseas, I realize newsletters are filled with code words. Or rather, ordinary words that take on a bit of ‘extra’ when used in the context of living overseas. For example: It’s […]


Even Jesus had a boat.

by Anisha Hopkinson on June 11, 2019

“Ok, this is what life is like there. You can’t change all the stuff happening around you. So what can you change to help you continue living there?” asked my counselor friend. I just finished unloading a story about breaking up a racially motivated street fight and chasing my knife wielding friend down the street […]


I’ll be your friend if you let me.

by Anisha Hopkinson on May 12, 2019

We were the same age and seemed to have a lot in common. I remember thinking, “She’ll be my friend.” I was wrong. Moving  to our new location overseas I believed making expat friends would be as easy as making friends has always been for me. Smile, engage in conversation, look for common ground, and […]


Five years ago I arrived overseas believing that I could accomplish all the things in a day that I always had. Before living overseas, a single day could easily include doing all the dishes, cooking dinner, sorting a load of laundry, grocery shopping, showering, playing with my toddler, a trip to the park, five hours […]


I thought I’d be doing amazing work. I’m not.

by Anisha Hopkinson on March 11, 2019

I moved overseas thinking I would be off doing amazing things. God had a purpose for me in Indonesia, I was sure of it. I would use my talents and abilities to help children or work with women. I would make a difference. Maybe you thought these things, too. It didn’t turn out that way. […]


How to get into missions in just one month

by Anisha Hopkinson on February 11, 2019

Didn’t do great on your New Year resolutions? That’s ok, March can be your month. This easy to follow plan will have you storing up treasures in heaven in just 31 days! March 2019 Get Into Missions Now Plan: *** Ok, ok so it took my family 10 years to acquire the needed skills and […]