Adele Booysen

When a Spade Is Not a Spade

by Adele Booysen on September 13, 2013


Some time this summer, when I was in the US for meetings and briefly stopped by a friend’s home, I helped in her garden. Gardening is something I miss here in Thailand, and I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands in the soil. “Would you mind getting me a spade?” my friend asked. […]


Truth, Courage and Vulnerability

by Adele Booysen on June 14, 2013


“This week,” I recently told the 25 students in the online class I had been teaching for BGU, “I want you to engage with someone who is different from you. Ask them questions so that you can understand more, not to interrogate them. Seek to understand their worldview. Your assignment is to journal about what […]


The Joys and Pains of Making New Friends

by Adele Booysen on March 8, 2013

Last November, I wrote a post about finding community, pointing to the danger of relying mostly on a virtual world and not connecting well with people around you. But saying, “Find community,” is almost like simply saying, “Lose weight” without sharing ideas on how to go about doing so. In real life—or perhaps I should […]


The Corpse in My Car

by Adele Booysen on January 21, 2013

On a rainy day one August, I had a dead body in my Land Rover. Her name was Caroline, and she was 16. She had drowned on a Tuesday. Her body was found that Friday. Not being from the area of Kenya where I was living at the time, Caroline’s body had to be transported […]


Resolution: To Love Relentlessly

by Adele Booysen on December 28, 2012

This is true of me: I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I try and live by a motto of resolving what I want to accomplish on a particular day, a specific week, or during a particular season. It is, however, that time of year when we reflect on the blessings of the past […]


On Finding Community

by Adele Booysen on November 28, 2012

I had hardly been in Kenya a month when friends came to volunteer at the children’s home where I was working. They hand-carried a care package from a lady at our home church: Some notes from her Sunday school class. Some Christmas treats. And a little green guy: an M&M character whom we promptly named […]


Coming Soon!

by Laura Parker on October 4, 2012

a Life Overseas will be officially launching November 15th. This collective blog-site will be a space to encourage, challenge, and help missionaries and humanitarian workers living overseas. Our articles will spark honest conversation, ask hard questions, and give glimpses into the realities of the missionary lifestyle. We have a line-up of writers from all over […]