Michele Perry

What Frames My World

by Michele Perry on January 16, 2013

I sit here in the night time silence and remember. The air hung swollen that day, pregnant with rains ready to be delivered.  The dry blowing out with fits and bluster begrudgingly making way for the wet to come. I watched the winds blow the first real cloud cover we had seen in months onto […]


My Job Description

by Michele Perry on December 10, 2012

The trees.  They know how to lift their arms to heaven and let go. Autumn comes late to Florida. All the way in early December.  I watch the old season as it turns gold, catches flame and surrenders to the wind.  Our autumn comes in an instant and usually lasts less than a week.  It […]


Coming Soon!

by Laura Parker on October 4, 2012

a Life Overseas will be officially launching November 15th. This collective blog-site will be a space to encourage, challenge, and help missionaries and humanitarian workers living overseas. Our articles will spark honest conversation, ask hard questions, and give glimpses into the realities of the missionary lifestyle. We have a line-up of writers from all over […]