Facebook Live with Jonathan & Elizabeth Trotter

Hey there!

Elizabeth and I “went live” yesterday on the A Life Overseas Facebook page, and it was so great to connect with so many of you! We wanted to share the video with you here, along with some topical time-markers so you don’t have to listen to the whole thing…  : )

  • For the first couple of minutes, we discussed what A Live Overseas is. And what it isn’t.

  • Around the 4 minute mark, we answered the question, “How do you decide what to write?”

  • Around the 10 minute mark, we discussed how we got started writing.

  • Around 19 minutes, we tried to answer the questions, “Do you have a favorite piece of writing?” and “Have you ever been surprised by an article’s popularity?”

  • About 48 minutes in, the conversation shifted to ideas for staying spiritually filled up, as well as how to approach “family worship” and devotionals with small kids (around 55 minutes).

  • We wrapped up around the 1:05 mark with a discussion about our hope and vision for A Life Overseas.


Thanks for joining us and thanks for being a part of this community!


all for ONE,

Jonathan T.

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Jonathan Trotter

Jonathan is the co-author of "Serving Well: Help for the Wannabe, Newbie, or Weary Cross-cultural Christian Worker." After serving in Cambodia for eight years, he relocated back to the States and now provides online pastoral care and empathetic coaching to global workers through Seeing the Hearts of the Hurting. Before moving to the field with Elizabeth and their four kids, he served as a youth pastor in the Midwest for ten years and as an inner-city ER/trauma nurse for three years. He enjoys walking with people towards Jesus and eating imported Twizzlers. | www.trotters41.com | facebook: trotters41 | instagram: @trotters41

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