Hope of the Nations

We all find ourselves in places where we need to remember. Some of us have been serving overseas for many years. We are seasoned, experienced, and committed to the long haul of such ministry. Others of us are only beginning our journey, with light in our eyes and love in our hearts. Many of us are somewhere in between. Some have served a few years and intend to continue for years to come. Still others have served and find ourselves returned to our passport countries, with a continued desire to pray and minister to lives lived overseas in mission. And some of us long for fulfilled dreams as we continue to envision, plan, and send.

We are a community united in a sense of purpose related to the nations of the world. We desire love to be lived out, mercy to be given, and justice to be achieved. Yet, it is the nature of a broken world, to weary and even harden our hearts. So I offer this prayer in the hopes it will reconnect us all to one another and to the God of hope.

Hope of the Nations – A Prayer

You spoke it all into being, this vast wide world.

But that world fractured, and so did your heart.

Nations formed, and languages, cultures, and peoples.

Kingdoms rose and fell–domination and power reigning.

Often your hope has been lost – the hope of the nations.

Yet you promise every kindred, tongue, and tribe

Will gather about you – your glory and love

For endless ages to come.

You are the hope of the nations, the heart of hearts of all.

We step forward, step out, in risk, sacrifice, and fervent desire.

We rise, we fall, we win, we lose, we take up, we lay down.

We often lose heart as we see the pain of a suffering world.

But you remain – longing for all to come to one Home – your heart.

You are the evergreen hope of the nations.

You are the God who gave of yourself, crossing the infinite divide.

That hope is much more than our ability to give, dream and do.

You are hope incarnate, and in your light we find the only true light.

Revive us in connection to your love – the fruit of our living hope.

We need it as our next breath – our strength to rise each day.

To remember your light overcomes every darkness of this world.

To believe anew that you can change the most desperate in an instant.

To know you see all things through, as your perfect will goes forth.

You are the hope of the nations – the desire of our days, our heart of hearts.

You uphold the universe, and are in all, above all, and through all.

So be the life in us today, tomorrow, every moment, now and forever.

For you are the only true hope of the nations, and together we remember.

Because you change everything, Jesus.


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Abby Alleman

Abigail is a lover of life and story--the ones God writes and calls us to write with Him. She knows that no matter what tragedy comes, our stories are not over. Her newly released book 'A Million Skies' demonstrates the power of God's love and redemption over all of our lives. Having previously served overseas as a missionary with her husband and three children, she and her husband now touch the lives of refugees through the ministry of the Welcome Network. Learn more about Abigail at her blog and website (abigailalleman.com) or follow her on Instagram @abigail.alleman

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