We, the editorial team, love running this sight and being a part of this community with you. In recent months, the website has gone down a couple of times, and as a result we have had to rethink how we host it. We are looking at a new platform but there are costs associated with it. The costs are $650 per year (hosting + mailchimp). To that end, we will be putting a PayPal Donation link onto the site (scroll down and look to the right side) so that those of you who feel like you could donate a bit to help keep the site going can have that opportunity. No pressure to donate at all, but we feel comfortable enough with you to let you know why we are putting it up and what the needs are.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please contact Andy Bruner, Marilyn Gardner, Elizabeth Trotter, or Jonathan Trotter.  (You can reach any one of us by emailing

Thanks for being a part of this group and please seriously consider making a small donation to keep this site going!

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Andy Bruner

Andy is a TCK who spent varying lengths of time growing up in Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Waxhaw, NC. He met his wife Kay at Bryan College and off they went in 1993 to the Solomon Islands to help the Arosi people translate the New Testament. The NT was dedicated in 2005 despite his best efforts to derail his marriage and career. Since 2007 he has been working as the finance systems manager for a non-profit in Dallas, TX. Andy doesn't consider himself a writer, in fact it's a painful ordeal. He does however believe that telling his story is worth the pain.

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