In which we simply acknowledge this tension

Friends, this is a short post.

It’s a cairn on our journey together. A small pile of rocks to mark our path.

It’s hit me afresh recently how many people that I love are no longer a part of my current in-person life. I am grateful for the many years I’ve had on foreign soil. At first I just thought that what I would missed would be the people, events, and places “back home.”

I remember when my teammate wasn’t able to be at one of her dearest friend’s wedding. When the VHS tape arrived in the mail, we watched together with Shelley stopping to explain who people were with joy and tears.

Ah, sweet innocent one, that is just the beginning of what you will miss.

Like me, you probably have people all over the world. You can’t be at all of the graduations, weddings, births, reunions, funerals, or just pop in for a meal.

This month I got to spend about 36 hours with a former teammate. It was so rich. It was not enough. Today I’m seeing images of another teammate who grew up and got married. It is so hard to believe I wasn’t there. I’m tearing up just writing these words, speaking this truth. How could I not be there?

So, this post is a stone of remembrance that God is faithful. It is a small pile of stones representing the people we love who we can’t be with in person.

I am grateful for the many whom I love. I am sad that I we are no longer doing life together.

Sometimes that is all we need to say.

With love, a fellow traveler.

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Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Equipper of cross-cultural worker. Amy is the founder of Global Trellis, co-founder of Velvet Ashes, hosts reading challenges at The Messy Middle, and is the author of five books (Looming TransitionsLove, AmyEnjoying NewslettersGetting Started, and Connected.)

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