And the Winner Is . . .

by Editor on June 17, 2013


We so enjoyed watching 176 votes/comments come in for the international photo contest we ran last week. We asked you to submit your favorite pictures representing “The Face of My Nation,” and we were stunned by the captions and beauty you highlighted from the people you live among around the world.  And now, without further […]


Photo Contest: The Face of My Nation

by Editor on June 9, 2013


We were so thrilled to have had so many wonderful submissions for our internationally-flavored photo contest from readers last week. The theme was Face of My Nation, and I think you’ll agree that these pictures paint beautifully the people that our community here at A Life Overseas is blessed to interact with daily. Here’s how […]


Celebrating 100 Posts!

by Laura Parker on May 31, 2013


Well, friends-from-all-latitudes, it’s been a pretty amazing first six months here at A Life Overseas. When Angie (from Bolivia), and I (Laura, moving from SE Asia to Colorado at the time) first talked about creating an online space to honestly talk about what it means to serve internationally, we weren’t sure if the idea would […]


Coping With Loneliness

by Chris Lautsbaugh on April 8, 2013

Have you ever found yourself asking, “What am I doing?” “Is this worth it?” “Is this what we signed up for?” If so you are not alone in your emotions, although these feelings can make you feel very isolated. Missions and any form of leadership carries with it an aspect of loneliness. Ordinary friendships become […]


The Joys and Pains of Making New Friends

by Adele Booysen on March 8, 2013

Last November, I wrote a post about finding community, pointing to the danger of relying mostly on a virtual world and not connecting well with people around you. But saying, “Find community,” is almost like simply saying, “Lose weight” without sharing ideas on how to go about doing so. In real life—or perhaps I should […]


Landfill Harmonic and Redeeming Rubbish

by Angie Washington on December 26, 2012

A missionary friend shared this little video with me. Maybe us mission minded folk here at A Life Overseas can talk about it too.   Take a walk in our town and you will pass by large green trash bins, usually overflowing. If you see the lid of the dumpster propped open with an empty […]


On Finding Community

by Adele Booysen on November 28, 2012

I had hardly been in Kenya a month when friends came to volunteer at the children’s home where I was working. They hand-carried a care package from a lady at our home church: Some notes from her Sunday school class. Some Christmas treats. And a little green guy: an M&M character whom we promptly named […]