Something has changed. I am not sure exactly when it happened, and only in looking back can I see that it did.  But there is no arguing it; things are different now than when we first got off that plane. Back then we were fired up – and ready to take on the needs of […]


The Myth of a White Picket Fence – Part Two

by Levi Benkert on December 1, 2012

Welcome back! Today we continue talking about the Myth of the White Picket Fence.  In Part One we addressed a few reasons why people refrain from responding to the call of God on their lives. We’ll touch on three more today. 4. “I am Staying Behind to Support The Missionaries” (and other silly excuses Christians […]


The Myth of a White Picket Fence – Part One

by Levi Benkert on November 30, 2012

White picket fences– I am not a big fan. I’m more of a modernist when it comes to architecture; I see them as a bit of a antiquity in the design department.  But we’re talking about a different kind of white picket fence today. —– So many people have come up to me and boldly […]