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The “Ministry 7 Year Itch” and What To Do About It

by Amy Young on November 18, 2019

“Amy, what resources do you have for this question?” A friend forwarded an email she received from a co-worker in her organization: I have noticed patterns in workers and myself who have been overseas roughly 5-10 years. I have asked our member care folks about this as well. The bulk of resources for cross-cultural workers […]


So Much N O I S E! (and a Book Giveaway)

by Jonathan Trotter on September 3, 2019

I grew up in rural America. We had neighbors, but you couldn’t see them. In fact, get this, you couldn’t even hear them. And I know this stretches the bounds of believability, but you couldn’t even smell the neighbors’ food. They were acres away. We were closer to cows than people. Now I live in […]