A Philosophical (Running) Life Overseas

by Rachel Pieh Jones on December 6, 2013

running wealth

Other posts in the series: A Practical (Running) Life Overseas (tips for starting to run as an expat) A Communal (Running) Life Overseas (building community while doing what you love) A Philosophical (Running) Life Overseas  I run with my iPhone. In an armband. With earphones. In Djibouti this makes me feel excessively wealthy, especially when I consider […]


A Communal (Running) Life Overseas

by Rachel Pieh Jones on November 29, 2013

running djibouti

*Read the first post in this series here: A Practical (Running) Life Overseas I didn’t intend to build a running community. I didn’t even intend to start running. But loneliness will make you do incredible things and five years later, I am amazed. I started running when we had a woman working with us for […]


A Practical (Running) Life Overseas

by Rachel Pieh Jones on October 22, 2013


I used to hate running and at the end of the first run I completed in Djibouti I put my hands on my knees, nearly tumbled to the ground, and said (through heaving breaths), “People do this, like, for fun?” Apparently they do. And then I started to do it, like, for fun too. A […]