When Self-Discovery Becomes Self-Worship

by Editor on February 19, 2019

by Josiah Dangers “What’s your Enneagram number?” “What’s your Meyers-Briggs code?” “What are your top five on Strengthsfinder?” …DISC? …Hammer or duct tape? …Beaver or Golden Retriever? …Which Disney Princess are you? … Marvel villain? …Pokemon character? Can soul-care become idolatry? Can self-discovery become self-worship? In the contemporary Church and in missions, we spend an […]


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by Jonathan Trotter on April 5, 2018

Consider this the Table of Contents for a book on missions, cross-cultural living, grief, TCKs, MKs, missiology, common pitfalls, transition, short-term missions, relating to senders, and a whole lot more. I figured it was time to compile our most-read posts and present them to you, organized by topic. So here they are, 85 of our […]