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by Laura Parker on October 2, 2013

As some of you may know, I’ve practically taken a virtual vow of silence online for the past several months as I’ve been writing my own, very-first, book. It’s the honest account of how we went from the world of humanitarian missions to the world of undercover investigations into the sex trafficking industry. It’s a story full of young girls trapped in brothels and the brave nationals and westerners risking greatly for their freedom, and it’s an account of God using the very ordinary to do things never imagined.

I wanted to write The Exodus Road for several reasons. I needed to record the journey overseas before I forgot it, but I also wanted to bring others to the front lines of what it looks like to follow the way of Jesus– even into paths you never would have chosen or expected. {I assume many of you here can relate.} I also wrote it to share the work of the organization my husband began two years ago called  The Exodus Road— a coalition that in the past year has helped rescue nearly 200 victims of sex slavery in Asia and India.

And, today, because you are my friends who are in the very thick of international work like this book describes, I’d like to offer it to you all at a discount. This week only, you’ll be able to purchase the book on Amazon (paperback or Kindle) for a discount–  $5.99 for paperback and $4.99 for Kindle. Here’s an excerpt from the beginning, describing our leaving and first year internationally:


“My husband’s voice broke through scattered thoughts. He told the Sunday crowd his favorite story of Jesus and a multitude of hungry people.

Jesus had been on a hill talking to a huge crowd all day. As dinnertime neared, his  friends approached the rabbi and said there were too many mouths to feed, that the masses should be sent away. And Jesus looked at these motley twelve and spoke the unexpected,  “You feed them. Bring what you have.”

The disciples scrambled and found five loaves and two fish—a woefully inadequate provision for such a colossal need.

But Jesus took what they offered—pitiful lunch that it was—broke it, blessed it, and met the needs of the masses.

A miracle with the ordinary.


Two months later, I threw my bike across the front yard and cussed up a storm. I was trying to get to language school across town which required four different forms of transportation, and a flat tire in the tropical heat had made me miss the first bus.

Things were not going well here in Malaysia.

The next 10 months were no better. My five year old son Owen packed his bag and demanded to go home. We faced conflict and confrontation in our new job from Day Three. We battled rats in our kitchen and a language that literally sounded like make-believe. I was too afraid to drive, and Matt was too culture-shocked to laugh. Poverty and injustice assaulted us at every marketplace and on every street corner. Our family was in crisis.

We stayed in the thick of it for an entire year, until, mercifully, the air began to clear. . . .

And while we were unaware of the darkness we would step into and the fears we would face in the coming months, we had learned something incredibly valuable from that first brutal year overseas. Unlike ever before, we had grown  intimately acquainted with our shortcomings, our failures, our crutches. We’d learned through tears and mistakes and tantrums that we weren’t even able to bring five loaves and two fish to the needs around us.

All we could muster was a few crumbs and a couple of minnows.

We hoped it would be enough.”

– Laura Parker. “Crumbs and Minnows,” The Exodus Road


The book is a fast-paced honest account of what it means to both live overseas and to follow God into dark places. Though it is technically not a “Christian book,” there are fingerprints of Christ all over it that are hard to miss. And I’d be so very honored if you’d read it. Incredibly honored. Here’s how to get a discounted copy:

** First, sign up to be a subscriber to A Life Overseas Blog. You can do that on the sidebar. Choose to have posts sent to your inbox weekly or as they occur (three times weekly). It’s free and a fantastic way to stay connected with the community here.

** Second, go to THIS LINK (paperback) or THIS LINK (kindle version) and purchase your book, on kindle ($4.99) or in paperback ($5.99).

** Last, would you do me a personal favor and go write an honest review of the book on Amazon? Positive reviews make a huge difference in book sales, and they will help us get the story out more quickly. Simply go to the book link and select “Customer Reviews” and then “Create Your Own Review” option. I’d be so grateful.

This discount will only be valid for THREE DAYS, so get your copy sooner than later. {Sale will end late Friday night, October 5th.}

I’ll be doing a book giveaway here later this month to celebrate the official launching of the book, but I wanted you all to have some of the first copies available.


As always, thank you for the work you each are doing in the far corners of the globe. Never doubt that we serve a God that is in the business of even using our crumbs and minnows to feed the masses. 

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