The Expat Cookbook

I made another cookbook and it is specially designed for us, for expatriates.

I know we all have cookbooks and the internet and who needs another one. But this one is special. It is designed with us in mind. Expats. People who travel and move and go places and who love people on all sides of the planet and want to eat food.

The Expat Cookbook is not ordered according to Soup, Salad, Mains…

It is ordered for how we actually live.

Chapters include:

Comfort Food

Food to Bring on an Airplane

Food to Mail in a Package

Feed a Crowd on a Budget

Food to bring to the office where there’s no fridge. You know, recipes for our real life. Almost all the recipes come with multiple adaptations and options so it is also a book that lets you thrive with your own taste, creativity, and what you have available.

Maybe you’re moving after the New Year. Maybe you are just now making up your wish-list for Christmas. Maybe your loved one is moving away and you know how much food communicates love.

No deep thoughts for A Life Overseas readers from me this week. Frankly, my brain is fried from Covid life, election hoo-haa, seminary classes, and all the other normal things. Thanks for sticking with A Life Overseas through it all and thanks for letting me share about this with you!

You can pick up your copy at Amazon or through PayHip

Amazon is the only place to get a paperback. I apologize that it isn’t in Indie bookstores yet. Working on that..

For now, cook on and enjoy!

(I’m pretty sure I caught all the typos and apologize for any that remain)

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Rachel Pieh Jones

Rachel writes about life at the crossroads of faith and culture. Her work is influenced by living as a foreigner in the Horn of Africa, raising three Third Culture Kids, and adventurous exploration of the natural world. She has been published in the New York Times, Runners World, the Big Roundtable, and more. Check out her latest book, Stronger than Death: Get all her stories and updates in the Stories from the Horn newsletter

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