Ways how one can learn spoken English at home easily with these things to follow

by Jonathan Trotter on July 10, 2017

Ways how one can learn spoken English at home easily with these things to follow

Today is difficult to go to an institute to learn English because it is time consuming and expensive. Thus it makes complete sense to try to find How to learn spoken English at home.

You can also take on phone classes and follow these simple steps to learn English from the comfort of your home:


One of the best ways of learning English is to read as much as possible. This will improve your vocabulary and will also help you in sentence formation. Today there are a lot of good books available in the market and you can order a book according to your liking.

You can go for self-help books or you can go for fiction and you can choose books that you like.

Another good idea is to read the newspaper daily and especially the editorial page. This will help you expand your vocab and also help you understand more about the world around you.


To speak fluent English, you need to have a sound vocabulary. Thus it is critical that you keep a vocabulary journal and update it regularly. The more words you know the better and more polished your English will sound.

Also as a next step you should practice using the new words which you have learnt with your family and friends and this will also make you popular and stand out from the crowd and all your associates will look up to you for guidance and you will become their role model.


Gone are the days when you had to travel long distance while beating the traffic to reach your English speaking institute. Today is the digital age and thus English learning today happening on phone.

There are many benefits of on phone classes. You save precious time and money and you can take these classes while you are relaxed and at home. Thus it makes complete sense to go for on phone classes as they will help you learn English fast and quick and will also provide you with one to one attention.


Also if you want to improve your vocabulary and speak fluent English then you should definitely watch the English news daily. But don’t go for foreign news channels, instead go for Indian English news channels like Republic TV or NDTV.

The news readers and journalists in these news channels speak fluent English and watching them and listening to them you will learn English quick, fast and easy.


It is a good idea to talk with your family and friends in English as this will give you practice speaking in English and also they will not judge you and will help you learn the language fast and easy. It is also a good idea to talk to your trainer only in English as then slowly but surely you will get the knack and the hang of the language and you will begin speaking in English like a pro.


You can also record your self-speaking or reading out loud on your phone or on a voice recorder and then you can analyze whether your pronunciation is correct and also whether you are able to intonate and modulate your voice well.

This is a very useful and good practice and you can understand better as to how to speak well in English and also point out errors which you will not repeat again.

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