Women at the Well: A Poem


When our past has cast a shadow

Even sunshine can’t dispel,

There is One who knows and loves us

Who will meet us at the well.


When our first love’s far behind us

And we’re shocked how far we fell,

Look how far He’s come to save us.

Look! He’s waiting at the well.


When we’re shackled with a secret,

Like a captive in a cell,

There is One who knows completely

And will free us at the well.


When we’re hurt by long rejection

Bitter looks and angry yells

We find pardon and acceptance

Offered freely at the well.


When we’ve drunk the living water

But we feel like empty shells,

We are overdue a visit

To the Healer at the well.


When we can’t afford perfection

But find grace a harder sell,

If we’re ready to accept it,

There is freedom at the well.


When we’re busy and exhausted,

Sit beside Him for a spell.

There’s an open invitation

Come and join Him at the well.


When we find such love and mercy,

It’s our joy to run and tell.

Come, and bring the others with you,

Come, be women at the well.


??????????After six years overseas, Krista Besselman has traded the perspective brought by a childhood of Pennsylvania winters for the belief that the highlands of Papua New Guinea get “cold.” She drinks hot tea and helps track the resources used for Bible translation. She writes Excel formulas by day and poetry by night, which are really just two different ways of trying to make sense of the world. Life in Papua New Guinea has taught her a deeper appreciation for grace, relationships, and high-speed internet.

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